Comparison between the russian and spanish

Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house.

Comparison between the russian and spanish

The best way to get a jumpstart in learning a language is to understand how it compares and contrasts to your own. How easy will it be to learn Russian? Well, English and Russian are very different in a lot of important language aspects. As such, it will help for native English speakers to let go of many preconceived notions before undertaking a course in it.

On a difficulty scale, many language learners rate Russian as being somewhere in the middle — not quite as easy for English speakers to learn as Spanish or French, but nowhere near as challenging as Chinese or Arabic. By speak, though, I mean talk in malformed but somewhat audible sentences.

While English share a lot in common with languages like Spanish and Italian, Russian is a lot closer to other Slav languages like Polish and Czech.

Compare Russian to Spanish translation

Alphabet Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, some letters from which share similarities with the Latin alphabet used in English. Those new characters, though, will likely be the first hurdle when it comes to reading and writing in Russian for second-language learners, so spend ample time learning them.

Phonology The phonological systems of Russian and English are very different. Because Russian only has five vowel sounds, while English has The good news for English speakers is, the reverse is true for those of you learning Russian.

Consonants in Russian and English are roughly the same amount.

Comparison between the russian and spanish

Just like English, Russian has variable stress patterns, so vowel sounds can change depending on whether a letter is stressed or unstressed, while consonant sounds can change when a letter is either hard or soft.

In Russian, you always accentuate one syllable in a word, as opposed to saying everything with the same strength. Grammar The biggest grammar difference: Russian and English use the verb system in different ways. In Russian, usage is based on aspect, where actions are either completed or not completed.

Aspect is shown by appending affixes to the root verb. In English, we have progressive and perfect verb tenses, which help avoid the need for using affixes through the extensive use of auxiliary verbs.

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This same tendency of changing the composition of words is present throughout most of Russian grammar, which makes things a lot more difficult compared to the English standard of merely adding new words to alter meaning. In Russian, however, the tail end of nouns and adjectives will always change depending on their function and position in the sentence.

Be very wary of this difference and the one with verbs above — those two, in particular, lead to the most difficult time constructing proper sentences in Russian.

Gender is another potential sticking point. In Russian, all nouns are either one of three genders. The last big difference is the lack of articles in Russian. Phonetics Russian is a phonetic language, making it easy to figure out spelling from pronunciation and vice versa.

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Jul 12,  · Russian and Spanish are Indo-European languages after all, Russian looks like latin and Sanskrit, and German and Baltik languages, nothing weird here. and "Dar" Дар means "gift" actually. Помидор pomidor is a "spoiled" french word "pomme d'amour". Comparison Between the Russian and Spanish Empires Sample Essay Empire-building in both the Spanish and Russian imperiums occurred during the New Imperialism Age ; while both imperiums were politically and socially different.

both desired to spread out to foster their economic systems and beef up their international function. Site about the stress in the Russian language. Similarities between Russian and Spanish. Russian and Spanish have many unexpected similarities. comparison - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.

Word Stress in Russian