Five essays on man and nature

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Five essays on man and nature

September 5, Good questions. I appreciate your historical knowledge; it's nice to see someone who doesn't think the country was founded in I think your question poses a false alternative, from the Objectivist perspective.

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Objectivists draw a distinction between the function of government and the structure; only the former is dictated by philosophical politics.

The function of government is the protection of individual rights. The structure of government is validated by its ability to enable the government to perform that function. If a strong centralized government is best for that, so be it.

If a decentralized government is best, that's fine too.

Everything Readable: Five Essays on Man and Nature

Figuring out which structure best serves the proper function is a question for political science, not philosophy, and as such Objectivism doesn't take a fixed position.

Rand herself was a strong supporter of the Constitution, but typically in contrast to unlimited government -- I don't know of a place where she explicitly contrasted it to the Articles of Confederation.

I suspect she viewed that as a secondary issue -- like us, she lived in a time when people had lost sight of the proper function of government, and without that debates over structure are largely pointless.

Five essays on man and nature

Objectivists definitely reject the government's interference with the money supply and consider taxation morally illegitimate, so those two aspects of the Articles are more consistent with the principle of individual rights.

But the lack of ability to make treaties, and the seemingly inadequate provisions for military defense make the Articles look structurally flawed in other ways.

Speaking personally, I think the system of checks and balances built into the Constitution by Madison and others is pure genius. Authority should be distributed and balanced because it makes it harder for a small number of men to co-opt the power of government for corrupt ends.

That said, though, it is quite possible for a local government in a decentralized system to violate the rights of its citizens locally, and when that happens it is just as wrong as when a centralized government does it.

The root issue is always whether rights are being violated. We should not be debating whether government should be centralized or decentralized; we should be debating whether it should be limited or unlimited -- and, if limited, by what and to what? I'm fascinated to know more about the differences and similarities between my principles and yours.

Rand knew of and often recommended the works of Ludwig von Mises, although she had reservations about his neo-Kantian epistemology. She was much less supportive of Hayek. Rand's project goes much deeper than politics. She once described herself as not an advocate of capitalism but of egoism, and not an advocate of egoism but of reason.

Man's Place in Nature and Other Essays Part 9

She argued that if one accepted reason as one's sole means of knowledge and guide to action, with everything that presupposed and required, that egoism and capitalism followed as a matter of course.Apr 02,  · Free Essays on Man And His Environment.

Search. Trees - Nature’s Gift to Man. 2. If there were no newspapers. 3. The Place of women in Indian Society 4.

Five essays on man and nature (Book, ) []

A Road Accident I Witnessed. 5. Lets Stop Child Labour. 6. My Favourite Hobby. Man and the Environment essaysMankind's effect on the environment has been one of the most controversial social issues in recent years.

The environment has constantly been in the forefront in most political debates. There are two sides to every story. Chris Bright says that yes, mankind is d. Why No Talking After Washing?To understand why, we first need to examine why we wash our hands in the first place.

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The Man Vs. Nature conflict is not just about surviving in the wilderness like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, James Franco in Hours or one of my personal favorites: Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson. “Nature,” for the purposes of designing conflict and plot, can mean the natural AND the.

Mar 01,  · Ralph Waldo Emerson Every spirit makes its house; but afterwards the house confines the spirit. These are pebbles from the mountain, hints of the terms by which our life is walled up, and which show a kind of mechanical exactness, as of a loom or .

Man Vs. Nature: It's More About Dying Than Surviving