Hito steyerl writing a letter

She puts both early and current works into a dialogue conceived jointly with the artists. Rosler and Steyerl are exhibiting together for the first time - both are also the first comprehensive show in Switzerland. In addition to numerous video works, photos, photomontages, banners and objects, on two floors of the building you will see expansive multimedia installations that confront visitors with spectacularly staged high-tech imagery.

Hito steyerl writing a letter

Dear Hito Steyerl, I am writing to ask whether you have ever considered writing about installation as a mechanism. Occupation works in several ways in your article, it functions excellently as a play on words that links labour with art and militarization.

It also brings up notions of spatiality, which are particularly important for my research. I had written a segment of my Ph. Realising that I come from a background of art history, whereas your article is more of a post-object, postautonomy, post-art-history standpoint, I wondered if this was the difference in our pick of words.

In the context of the Occupy movements in New York it was the perfect time to talk about occupation and the logic behind that word is linked inextricably to the spatiality of installation.

I did an exercise in which I tried to read your article replacing the word occupation with installation each time it came up. Yet, there are certainly connections and the subtle difference in words, the ways in which they differed when I replaced them, brought up the subtleties of strategy implied by the military offensive structures of the words.

Occupation implies a heightened violence, a clear motive, an occupier and an occupied. These are the colonizer and the colonized. These imply a sort of theft or subversion in which one party ends up the victim, the other the usurper. Installation on the other hand implies a contract; a negotiation between two parties.

A military installation can be placed in the lands of allies to strengthen ties or given as a friendly base. But it also connects with hidden intentions of spreading, soft conquest, and the inescapable connection to the power relations that lie behind the operation.

These differences lead to an occupation that is soft versus forced, voluntary versus oppressive; it is the intentionality that shifts with hidden consequences and aims. Generally one is invited to install.

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A friendly base is thought of as protection by a friend. An occupation is forced, it is oppressive and it is usually followed by resistance either physically or mentally by the colonized.

The occupation is negative whereas the installation is positive. In this sense, what lies at the heart of this difference is farce and alibi.

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Occupation is direct, intentions are laid out clearly. The Wall Street Occupiers stated their enemy and acted against it, a market system, the players in the game, a structure that laid itself out as an occupier in the first place.

This is the irony of the occupy movement, the occupied were reversing their role, and it was really an exposition of a power play that had already done the occupying itself. The market into everyday life, the forces of economy into social progression. Installation is a different strategy in that it is subversive.

There are no clearly stated aims, it acts under a cover.“Hito’s writing is stylistically very different than that of an academic or a journalist — there are juxtapositions and allegories that go far beyond the usual range of writing,” said the American artist Trevor Paglen, a longtime friend whose art also explores information flows and power structures.

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journal in , Steyerl’s writing served as a crucial source of inspiration, and it is fair to say that the Hito Steyerl’s essays in this book are a sort of reconnaissance mission, a cartography in the mak - ing of the wasteland of the frozen imagination, but.

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focus: Hito Steyerl, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago November 1, - January 27, Hito Steyerl.

hito steyerl writing a letter

These were the words of media theorist Marshall McLuhan, writing in Understanding Media with sharp insight in the s and predicting the social revolution that new technology would bring. Half a century has now passed since McLuhan.

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