How to write a while loop matlab

However, these structures look very similar in other computer languages, such as C, Java, Pascal, etc. Many of the examples given may seem to be irrelevant to this course.

How to write a while loop matlab

Following the for loopa demonstration of the while loop is given. We will assume that you know how to create vectors and matrices and know how to index into them. For more information on those topics see one of our tutorials on either vectors Introduction to Vectors in Matlabmatrices Introduction to Matrices in Matlabor vector operations Vector Functions.

If you want to repeat some action in a predetermined way, you can use the for loop. All of the loop structures in matlab are started with a keyword such as for, or while and they all end with the word end.

Another deep thought, eh. The for loop is written around some set of statements, and you must tell Matlab where to start and where to end.

For example, a simple loop will go around four times each time changing a loop variable, j: Once Matlab reads the end statement, it will execute and repeat the loop. Each time the for statement will update the value of j and repeat the statements within the loop.

In this example it will print out the value of j each time. For another example, we define a vector and later change the entries. Here we step though and change each individual entry: Matlab is an interpreted language and looping through a vector like this is the slowest possible way to change a vector.


The notation used in the first statement is much faster than the loop. A better example, is one in which we want to perform operations on the rows of a matrix.

If you want to start at the second row of a matrix and subtract the previous row of the matrix and then repeat this operation on the following rows, a for loop can do this in short order: The following example approximates the D.

First, the step size, h, is defined. Once done, the grid points are found, and an approximation is found. The approximation is simply a vector, y, in which the entry y j is the approximation at x j. The while loop repeats a sequence of commands as long as some condition is met.

This can make for a more efficient algorithm. In the previous example the number of time steps to make may be much larger than In such a case the for loop can use up a lot of memory just creating the vector used for the index.

A better way of implementing the algorithm is to repeat the same operations but only as long as the number of steps taken is below some threshold. In this example the D. Based on a work at http: This page generated using Sphinx.Using MatLab: An insect population doubles every generation.

Write a while loop that iterates numGeneration times. Inside the while loop, write a statement that doubles currentPopulation in each iteration of the while loop. MATLAB Answers ™ MATLAB Central write an m-file using while loop which calculates the sum of elements within the following vector x=[5 2 -9 10 -1 9 -1] until a number greater than 8 is met?

please help i have tried and i am confused on how to do this. Asked by kelechi okegbe. The while loop repeatedly executes statements while condition is true.

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Syntax. The syntax of a while loop in MATLAB is − while end. This MATLAB function evaluates an expression, and repeats the execution of a group of statements in a loop while the expression is true.

how to write a while loop matlab

Square root algorithm (example on while-loops) In this short article we’ll explore a square root algorithm as an excuse to use while-loops in our numerical software.

We’re not going to . 3. Experiment shows that bacteria reproduce once every 30 minutes. Assume that the experiment starts with three bacteria.

Write a program that calculates the number of bacteria present at intervals of one half hour from the beginning of the experiment until 6 hours have elapsed.

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