Making money writing apple apps

However, there are a lot of developers out there and a decent fraction of them make a good living, some are building thriving businesses on the app stores and a few at the top are even creating multi-billion dollar companies. There are two major risks when analysing groups of successful individuals or companies to try to work out why they succeed when others fail; the first is survivorship bias — ignoring the many failures that may have done exactly the same things, the second is confusing correlation with causation. In the latter case there are many things that developers do because they have a successful app, like porting it to lots of other platforms, that are completely unrelated to how they became successful in the first place. In our last report we showed two major factors that correlate with higher revenues, targeting enterprises rather than consumers and using 3rd party tools.

Making money writing apple apps

Apple says it receives between 8, and 10, application submissions every week. The partners this year debuted their first app, a location-aware, golf-inspired game called Gigaputt. And lots of the work comes after the design and programming is already done. Here are some tips to helping your app turn a profit.

Getting Approved In a market where everyone wants in on the action, as an app creator, you have two big hurdles. The first is creating an app worthy of a favorable review upon submission to the Apple iTunes App Store.

The second is promoting your app so that it breaks through the pack and sells well. When it comes to fresh, inventive content, however, most apps are readily approved.

making money writing apple apps

Zach Saul, founder of Retronyms, a San Francisco-based app creating company, has been creating apps since the iTunes App Store launch, in which his popular, cent app Recorder — an audio recorder — was included. Promoting Your App After an app has been approved and is listed for sale in the iTunes App Store, your next goal is to get customers to download it.

To some extent, this process becomes a chicken-and-egg scenario. Vaulting into a top-selling category is the best way to encourage sales — but you first must have sales to rank highly within a category. Apple features new apps daily.

Good design is important. Enlist a designer to help create the interface a user will experience, as well as the logos and screen shots that will appear on the Apple iTunes App Store. This collateral is the first thing a potential buyer will see, so maximizing its impact is crucial. Besides design, being polished includes being technically solid.

You should also be sure to give your app the full battery of beta-testing it needs before you make your submission. An inexpensive way to test it is to distribute it among friends and solicit feedback.

Without smooth functionality, your app will be dead in the water. Often, a small business is already filling a niche — and can also do so when their client is on the move. Take the case of Yelp, the online review site. Its iPhone app not only provides its standard customer-reviews, but also can tap into GPS to allow a user to find nearby businesses.

So, thinking along the lines of "what do we already do, and how can it be used on the go? Look for an area that will be a natural extension, or a macro view of what you do. When Zillow, a real-estate listing company, built an app, for example, it not only included its standard real-estate listings, but also allowed users to scope out rentals and homes for sale in their immediate geographic area.

It took off, and now Zillow is selling mobile ads and incorporating social network link-posting — in other words, running a quite profitable app. Should you Make an iPhone App? Making Money on iPhone Apps: Think Big or Think Tiny Some of the most successful apps are the most complex: Location-aware, social-networking-capable apps such as Whrrl, FourSquare or Glympse.

And some of the most successful apps are very simple, one-off jokes.

Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift): Jump Right In

It may be that the best app for you is limited in scope. Simple apps, the kind people whip out at parties to emulate chugging a beer iBeer or wielding a light saber Lightsaber Unleashedrequire far less up-front time designing and programming. In a best-case scenario, with minimal marketing such apps can to go socially viral.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, complex, multi-faceted apps are born most often out of an existing business or business model, and can require a team of designers working for weeks or months. This model is best for existing websites and businesses that can add value through creating an app.

In the middle ground stand a host of simple-concept games with great graphical interfaces. Games that either educate or temporarily amuse, especially ones that anyone from age 4 to an adult can understand and appreciate, are almost always in demand.

Build an audience from the ground-up. Have a website up and running before your app even launches. Make sure information is available for any interested parties.Making Money on iPhone Apps: Entering a Contest or Get in a Festival This year, New York City invited programmers and developers to dig through their data and create urban apps.

Some kid in his bedroom can make a million bucks just by writing a little application for the Apple phone. Apple won't say how much money the App Store is taking in, nor will it say how many.

Most game apps are free to download, but the real money is made through in-app purchases.


Last year, global revenue from in-app purchases was projected at $37 billion, while paid app downloads only brought in $29 billion. Making money writing apps isn’t as easy as you think, and supporting the developer might just help you and the rest of the users make sure your favorite app is updated and supported long into.

Dec 08,  · Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift) is the perfect starting point for learning to create apps that run on iPhone and iPad. View this set of incremental lessons as a guided introduction to building your first app—including the tools, major concepts, and best practices that will ease your path.

Aug 10,  · Apple, at its WorldWide Developer Conference, talked about million apps in the app store accounting for 50 billion downloads and $5 billion paid off to developers in the last year.

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