Rafaela essay

You are well on your way to reaching your conceited goal of becoming the most famous critic of female beauty in modernity, no thanks to twitter, Facebook and the general media-sphere. I can honestly say I had never heard of you until I saw some of the things Frankie Boyle tweeted about you in the aftermath of the article, first impressions and all. This leads me to my first point. In a way I understand and applaud you for your confidence, something many woman struggle with in our ever judgmental society.

Rafaela essay

She Rafaela essay many difficulties and challenges throughout her saty on Mango Street. Mando Street in in a lower class neighborhood in the city of Chicago. There are many women in her life that influence her and change her life for the better.

Esperanza matures through many of these experiences in her life. The House on Mango Street Essay: A person who sets an example by living their life, is what the bystander becomes, is an in depth definition of the phrase.

She matures throughout her stay on Mango Street. Esperanza meets many women whose life stories teach her not to rely on others and to be more independent in her life. Sally encounters problems with herself when she wants more, but ends up with less.

Her experiences are apparent when Esperanza finally tells Sally that she needs to accept the past when she talks about being cautious of herself and caring about what others think. This quote shows that even when Sally was young, she depends on others to care for her. There are also many other examples of Sally counting on others and winding up in the same place.

In this quote, Sally finally feels like she needs to be free, but knows that her dad has good intentions. Sally influences Esperanza by showing her that relying on others all the time can result in her ending up in the same situation.

Marin is a girl that wants someone to save her, but that someone never comes. All her life, she is being taken control of by the people she is closest to. Marin tries the only way out that she knows, which is to find someone that is better for her.

The following reference shows that Marin is stuck and is being taken control of by others. This quote is stating that Marin has no freedom. She is locked in her own self and she throws the key out every day of her life. Marin also talks about needing help and being stuck in the place that she is.

Marin thinks that she cannot do anything without the help of someone. She believes that a special someone is out there and will find her. Marin assumes that without the help and support of a boy, she is worthless.

This influences Esperanza because Marin never got her love, and Esperanza now feels she has to take care of herself. Marin was hoping for someone to sweep her off her feet, but instead gets nothing.

Rafaela essay

Ruthie is a girl that is held down by her past and it ruins her present and future. She has a traumatic experience early in her life and cannot forget what happens during those difficult times.

Ruthie is unable to forgive, forget, and move on in her life. Ruthie experiences abuse as a child and now she is trying to protect herself, but ends up ruining her life. Ruthie feels as if she cannot trust anyone who is near her.

She feels as if an anchor at the bottom of the ocean is pulling her down. This statement shows that Ruthie has self-esteem issues because of what happens in her past.

She can do anything and be anything if she wants to and puts her mind to it. Ruthie influences Esperanza because it demonstrates that she has to let go of what happens in her past.

Both Ruthie and Esperanza have to look into their future and make good decisions. Dream a better dream, and work to make it real. Since Esperanza met Sally, she learns not to always rely on others, because it may just put you in the same bad situation or an even worse situation.LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The House on Mango Street, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Cosby, Matt.

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