Sobolo business plan

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Sobolo business plan

Many have donated time, books, remedies, expertise and funds. This project only exists because of the generosity of our supporters. Donate Donate by going to our JustGiving page. The sobolo is tasting fresh and strong Here in Ghana, where the sun is so strong and reliable, we continue to work towards helping people with homeopathy in an environment that is not nearly as reliable as Mother Nature.

Everyday provides new challenges in one way or another; some days there is no running water, others there is no electricity for hours at a time.

What does seem to be consistent, however, is the positive feedback from the patients that we are seeing in the clinic. They come with many complaints, aches and pains, repetitive strain injuries, malaria, complications from long term allopathic drug use, even hypertension.

There are so many patients and therefore so many conditions, treating people and not disease certainly keeps things interesting and the possibilities of treatment endless.

One scorching Wednesday afternoon 2 weeks ago, one patient, I will call her Mary, stood at the clinic door, with a beaming smile like I had never seen before on her face.

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She is always rather timid to enter the doors of the clinic because of the 2 cedi fee which is unaffordable for her. However each time I invite her in and assure her she will have treatment, she enters humble and grateful.

Mary sells sobolo which is a local drink made from dried red flowers flavoured with sugar and ginger. The small plastic bags knotted at one end are in the shape of ruby red water balloons. She must carry about 50 of these packed with ice in a rectangular plastic box balanced gracefully on top of her head.

They are 20 peswas 20cents each, every time she is leaving clinic she insists that I must have two. Mary walks all day in the burning heat of the relentless sun selling her ice cold refreshment.

Sometimes we see her going home after a days trading, her box is never empty. The first time Mary came to clinic she described painful and complicated labour of her third child, in which a c-section was performed but since then, 3 years ago, she was not having her menses.

She describes how she was terrified of being pregnant again and this was affecting her marriage. When asked about other aspects of her life, tears quietly started to roll down her cheeks and after some time she started to describe to me, mainly in English but with some help from the translator, how things had become so difficult for her and her family.

sobolo business plan

She tells me how textiles are her passion and she studied when she was younger, she even started a business that was once busy but then business took a turn for the worse after her health problems began and things started to fail. Through the tears she tells that she had to do something and this is when she started selling sobolo.

sobolo business plan

Pulsatilla was the essence of what I saw in Mary, this beautiful and gentle being. That day the sobolo tasted so fresh and strong.I plan to share soon my latest work on gluten-free cookie recipes, moringa, and Ghana chocolate, as well as a news about a network of African food writers.

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While the business plan’s executive summary is the first thing the readers of your business plan see, it should be the last part of the business plan you write. The purpose of the executive summary of the business plan is to provide your readers with an overview of the business plan. Preyman Sobolo is on Facebook.

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